Welcome to Brad Hecht Designs, LLC
Disclaimer Notification Letter

  1. Brad and his men are not responsible for moving heavy or fragile furniture. If you want a refrigerator or other heavy appliance moved, have it moved before he arrives.
  2. Brad will leave all appliances or heavy furniture where they are and work around them.
  3. There is an $85 minimum repair charge on all blinds and window treatments if he is called back after installation.
  4. Valuables must be removed from work site prior to the start date.
  5. Brad and Brad Hecht Designs, LLC are not responsible for damage to any personal property.
  6. Children and pets are not allowed on the worksite.
  7. Under no circumstances are clients allowed on ladders and scaffolds.
  8. Brad uses high quality paint at all times. All paint estimates are for 2 coats of paint. If a client picks a high pigment color that requires extra coats of paint, there will be a charge for each extra coat of paint. If a client requests a color change, there will be a charge for each extra coat of paint applied.
  9. Brad is happy to do little extras like hanging fixtures or frames. However, there is a $135 per hour charge for his time. All small extras will be included in your bill.
  10. Brad is also happy to fix work from other contractors and there will be a charge based on the work that needs to be finished.
  11. With all paint jobs, there may be tiny spots that are part of the charm of a fresh coat of paint; we do not try to get rid of all of them.
  12. Wallpaper does occasionally show seams; if seams are going to bother you, choose paint. Also, there will be some places where wallpaper doesn’t match perfectly; if this is going to bother you, choose paint.
  13. Once a deposit for a paint or wallpaper job has been received, Brad will offer one free color consultation. All other design consultations will be charged at the rate of $135 per hour and will be included in your bill.
  14. Look at your contract carefully. If a request is not specified in your contract, it is always considered an add-on and will be charged as such.
  15. All final payments are due when the initial contracts are completed.
  16. Extras may be paid for upon the day of their completion.
  17. All checks will be deposited on the day of completion, no exceptions.
  18. Do not have us start your job unless you agree to all the conditions in this letter. We will not renegotiate them later.

We do not promise perfection, but we do promise to give our best.
Thank you for your patronage! We appreciate your business!